Ep. #9471

Season 38, Episode 42 -  Air Date: 1/8/2003
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PREVIEW: Tony makes an odd request of Marlena; Belle confesses something to Shawn about the shooting.SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com**Jennifer is distraught as Jack continues to sit in his cell. Hope, still stressed about the visions of Larry she keeps seeing, tries to comfort her cousin. Mickey goes to talk to Jack, but Jack refuses to retract his confession. Later, Jennifer is taken off for questioning about Colin‘s murder. Abe gives Billie her job back, but she immediately quits. Roman offers her a job with the ISA in London, but Billie is indignant. Kate takes her to the airport and says good-bye and Billie changes her flight to London, making it clear she‘s going to work for the ISA...Shawn is upset over the events at Victor‘s wedding and tells Belle he doesn‘t want to talk about Colin. Belle doesn‘t think the Bradys could stand any more stress; if one more bad thing happened to them, they‘d all fall apart. Shawn is short with Belle and edgy about the future...Marlena receives