Ep. #9468

Season 38, Episode 39 -  Air Date: 1/3/2003
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MURDER AT MIDNIGHTPREVIEW: Belle lets out a blood-curdling scream after finding a dead body at the Kiriakis wedding. Also, Bo finds Hope with blood on her hands. SUMMARY: The summary is written a little different today. Since 95% of the episode took place at the Kirikas mansion, I thought the best way to write it up was in the exact order it took place…Part One: The guests gather and wait for the start of the wedding. Chloe and Brady slip away to the front hall as Bo and Jennifer exit to get something to drink. Chloe comments on how tense everything is. Brady tells her he wishes it were over already so they could be alone… Sami walks in the dining room and pulls out the gun and says, ""if there was any other way…"" Just then, Belle walks in and wants to know what she‘s doing… Upstairs, Nicole is still reading the letter from Collin and he tells her the 5 million dollars was only a down payment and how she should save her pennies. He lied to her about there being no copies