Ep. #9467

Season 38, Episode 38 -  Air Date: 1/2/2003
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PREVIEW: It‘s New Year‘s Eve, and the residents of Salem prepare for the Kirikas/Walker wedding; Colin earns more animosity than he already has; Hope is still seeing Larry everywhere. The setup has begun for ""Murder at Midnight""! SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com**Bo/Hope go to the pub and run into Roman; Hope has more visions of Larry, while Bo and Roman discuss the possible break-in at the Horton Cabin. Kate arrives dressed to the nines for her New Year‘s date with Roman only to learn they‘re spending the night at his place. Sami crosses with Colin and they both threaten to reveal what the other has done. Jack‘s tweaked by Jennifer‘s behavior and she privately tries to tell Bo about Colin‘s threat toward Jack, but Colin enters and she aborts the idea; she suggests Colin spend New Year‘s Eve with her, but he says he has duties to tend to. At Roman‘s house, he and Kate discuss their failed relationships and end up making love. Sami comes over and realizes Roman‘s with Kate; he can‘t he