Ep. #9466

Season 38, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 12/31/2002
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PREVIEW: Hope overhears Colin‘s plan to murder Bo. Cassie vows to stop Belle and Shawn from spending New Year‘s Eve together.SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com**Tony slips and calls Cassie ""Marlena,"" which piques Cassie‘s curiosity, but Tony covers. Meanwhile, John visits Daphne DiMera‘s grave as Marlena waits in the car. Tony appears and both men learn the other knows the truth. John‘s furious and claims that Tony will never be his brother, despite any DNA tests. Marlena intervenes and Tony thanks her, which irks John more. Back in the car, Marlena tries to calm John, who swears Tony will end up in one of the cemetery plots if he comes after Marlena. Alone, Tony comments how John has inherited his father‘s temper, making it clear Tony knows the identity of John‘s father...Sami is waiting for Brandon in his loft when he returns; he‘s frustrated he couldn‘t get to Colin because he‘s been in surgery all night. Nicole arrives, gets rid of Sami, and demands Brandon give back the check he st