Ep. #9459

Season 38, Episode 30 -  Air Date: 12/20/2002
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PREVIEW: Philip is devastated to learn that Brady and Chloe have been intimate; Nancy‘s life and that of her unborn child‘s - hangs in the balance. Also, Jennifer makes a heartfelt apology to Jack, hoping she has a future with him and Shawn and Belle are on the brink of making love. SUMMARY: At the Hartley House party, the lobby is filled with students, all celebrating the joyus end of finals and the start of the holiday season. Shawn and Belle are dancing closely and making out and Cassie, obviously very annoyed, looks at them and vows to stop them from taking their relationship further. Rex tells Cassie they need to pack, Tony is expecting them. Cassie says she‘s not going anywhere. Shawn and Belle continue to discuss their big night and they both have decided that they are sure; Belle tells Shawn she knows it‘s right because she loves him so much. The two decide that it‘s time to head upstairs. Belle is nervous because Caprice is there and she suspects that Rex and Cassi