Ep. #9435

Season 38, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 11/15/2002
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Brady and Chloe go Hollywood, but there‘s trouble on the plane. At the Brady Pub, Shawn refuses to accept his mother‘s death and Bo tries his best to comfort him. The Brady‘s receive news that Lexie has been brought to the hospital after her collapse in the jail. Bo insists on going but is told by Roman he‘s been suspended after his attack on Lexie earlier and will be arrested if he goes near the hospital. Bo sneaks out of the Pub and heads to the hospital anyway. Later, two reporters show up at the Pub demanding information on the Hope Brady case and Shawn blasts them. Meanwhile, at the hospital Lexie‘s escape is in full swing but just as she‘s about to fly away Bo catches up with her and strangles her dead!