Ep. #9429

Season 37, Episode 255 -  Air Date: 11/7/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Bo is waiting for the test results to the bloodstain on Hope‘s sweater when John and Marlena drop by. They soon learn from Roman that the stain is Hope‘s blood type and that there were hairs found belonging to two different people. Abe hears about the test results and suspects that the hair found was Lexie‘s and gets a DNA sample from her. Lexie tells Tony that she doesn‘t want him to break her out of jail because she would rather be proven innocent. However, Tony doesn‘t see that happening because of the evidence that had been planted against her. Meanwhile, Brandon is let go because they can‘t charge him as an accessory; on his way out, he overhears Bo, John and Marlena discussing the test results and begins to argue Lexie‘s innocence. Marlena takes him aside to cool down and tells him to focus his energy on Sami. Brandon runs into a worried Sami and she convinces him to go home with her. As they exit, they see Tony, who also tells Brandon that Lexie doesn‘t nee