Ep. #9428

Season 37, Episode 254 -  Air Date: 11/6/2002
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Brandon is surprised to find Sami waiting in his apartment when he returns from the police station. He is none too pleased when he learned that she asked the super to let her in. Sami is extremely steamed as he tells her all he‘s tried to do to help Lexie. He fills Sami in on what‘s happened and Sami tells him that Lexie got what she deserved because she is guilty as sin! Brandon defends her and Sami kisses him and hopes they‘ll make love, but he stops and tells her that he has to go back to the station to check on Lexie. She‘s hesitant to let him go, but he assures her that she‘s the only woman he loves and she lets him go, hoping that Lexie is charged and sent to prison for good. Sami stays at Brandon‘s apartment and waits for him to return…Tony elegantly sweeps into the police station and informs them that they have been had by a ""very talented criminal"", and demands to see his sister! Abe orders him to be interrogated…Lexie‘s lawyer, Cameron, shows up, and manages to get a rest