Ep. #9427

Season 37, Episode 253 -  Air Date: 11/5/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Rolf tells Tony that the blue key unleashes the Twins‘ ""special talents,"" admitting that he can mold the Twins into anything Tony wants them to be. Tony inquires about his own connection to Marlena and Rolf reveals that taking Marlena away from John is the key to destroying him. He seizes this idea and decides to destroy John‘s family forever, just as John has tried to destroy Tony‘s family for so many years. Meanwhile, John and Marlena are running a search on the computer for the islands in the photos she snapped at the mansion. She‘s troubled as she continues to hear roaring waves in her head and John surmises that the pictures are triggering memories, deepening Marlena‘s drive to learn about her missing years. They finally identify the archipelago of islands and John makes plans to go there; Marlena wants to go as well, but John forbids it...Bo and Abe arrest Lexie when they find her holding Zack in her arms. Lexie claims her innocence, but Abe can‘t bring him