Ep. #9426

Season 37, Episode 252 -  Air Date: 11/4/2002
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Sami and Kate meet in Salem Place, and bicker about Lucas and Will for a bit. Kate tells Sami to put this costume on; and hands her a bag. Sami says she is not going trick-or-treating! Kate says this costume is going to save her life. Sami dresses up almost looking like a hooker, complete with a shorthaired blonde wig. Kate tells her to put on the mask, and Sami asks her what is all of this for? Kate says she is going to go to the Cheatin‘ Heart, and that she is going to pretend to be Nicole, and hand out some business cards (with all of Nicole‘s phone numbers on them!) to all the men she will flirt with there! Kate says the phones at Titan will begin ringing off the hook, and it will be men who want Nicole to fulfill the lewd promises she made them on Halloween! Sami pretending to be Nicole is a hit at the Cheatin‘ Heart, and even Kate gets up on the bar and does a dance with Sami! Sami ends up meeting a guy named Toby, and she asks him to play number 87 on the jukebox. Sami then doe