Ep. #9425

Season 37, Episode 251 -  Air Date: 11/1/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie waits for Abe to call and Tony observes her, sensing that she‘s keeping something from him. She doesn‘t tell him about the wallet and claims that she‘s just worried about Zack. She goes to Salem Place, convincing Tony that Lexie‘s hiding something...Belle thanks Shawn for joining the party for a little while, but he goes stir crazy and heads out to see Bo. Meanwhile, Cassie/Rex go to see Rolf (still under the guise of Putnam) and ask him to tell them about their DNA. They reveal that Marlena is helping them try to remember everything, which freaks Rolf out. He gets rid of the Twins and rushes to the DiMera Mansion. Bart is thrilled to see him, but Tony is less cordial and demands Rolf tell him everything he knows about the key and the Twins. Cassie/Rex return to the dorm and find Belle upset because Shawn took off. Shawn returns, furious that Abe won‘t accept the truth that Lexie kidnapped Hope and Zack...Hope is terrified that Zack is gone, while a disgui