Ep. #9423

Season 37, Episode 249 -  Air Date: 10/30/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Colin brings Tony a vial of truth serum to give to Marlena; John sits in an exterminator van, which is filled with high tech equipment to allow him to monitor Marlena‘s conversation with Tony through her bugged earring. Colin slips out and Marlena arrives; Tony drops the serum in some water and tries to get Marlena drink it, but he‘s unsuccessful. Marlena starts to snoop when Tony leaves the room and she finds the pictures of the island, which triggers the sound of waves to echo in her head, driving her into a fugue state of her own. While out of it, she knocks her earring transmitter off and it falls into her glass of water, rendering it inoperable. Tony returns and Marlena says in her trance-like state that Stefano‘s making her sleep so that she can save the future of the DiMeras. She snaps out of it, but Tony doesn‘t reveal what she‘s said. John barges in because he lost his connection with Marlena, and they are both forced to cover his sudden appearance. They