Ep. #9420

Season 37, Episode 246 -  Air Date: 10/25/2002
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At the Hartly house, Belle tells the twins that they should go to Salem Place and get them some winter clothes and supplies. Everyone decides to go, except Shawn who wants to go see his father. Belle offers to go with him but he tells her no…Nancy calls Chloe‘s cell phone and asks her to join her and Craig at the hospital for their first ultrasound. Chloe says she‘ll be right there, and Brady offers to drive her. Brady asks Belle if she will be okay with the twins alone? Belle says of course, she trusts them and will not abandon them, no matter what dad says.At the police station, Billie finds Bo searching for leads, and she tells him that is not the way to find his wife and son. Billie says he won‘t find the answer on the computer, and did he ever think that perhaps someone else did this for revenge against him? He blows off this idea at first, after all, Hope is the most kindest person he has ever met. Billie still pushes and Bo realizes that maybe someone is out to get him…and the