Ep. #9419

Season 37, Episode 245 -  Air Date: 10/24/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**As Bo prays for Hope to come home, Billie shows up and Bo lashes out at her, venting all of his stress and frustration. He begins to trash the room and Billie grabs him and tells him to get a grip because otherwise he‘ll do things that he may regret. Bo responds to Billie‘s compassion and thanks her for her support. Doug and Caroline show up and Bo tries to comfort his father-in-law. As they all head out, Billie hangs back and calls Larry, telling him she can‘t do this to Bo anymore...Abe tries to draw information from Lexie by softening with her. He apologizes for treating her like a criminal and Lexie is hopeful that they still may have a chance. As Abe presses, Lexie alludes that she does know something, but refuses to tell him until she knows he‘s committed to her and calls off the divorce...Philip invites Mimi, Brady, Chloe, Cassie and Rex over for a covert 18th birthday party for Belle, in spite of the fact she didn‘t want to celebrate in light of Hope/Zac