Ep. #9418

Season 37, Episode 244 -  Air Date: 10/23/2002
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Bo and Abe still have no clues about Hope and Zack‘s where-abouts. They go to the DiMera mansion and search it for clues. They find the Rolf‘s secret room and Abe tells Tony that Rolf is wanted for questioning. Tony says Rolf no longer works for his family, and nobody has seen or heard from him in months. Tony demands Bo and Abe leave since they have found nothing to incriminate him or his sister. He asks Bo and Abe to leave and that causes Bo to lose control and he punches the wall and tells Tony to turn over Hope and Zack. Abe pulls Bo off Tony and tells him to stand down. Tony warns Bo that if he continues to threaten him then his search for his son and wife will come to an abrupt end!When Bo returns home, he calls Shawn and tells him to keep concentrating on school. He goes to enter the house and realizes his front door is unlocked, and he wonders what is going on. Turns out it is just Alice waiting for him; she tells him to have faith and pray for Hope and Zack. After Alice le