Ep. #9417

Season 37, Episode 243 -  Air Date: 10/22/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Hope awakens in the basement and the mystery man returns; she is still reeling that her abductor is Larry Welch! He reveals that he has new, more powerful connections that helped him secure an early release from prison. They both recall their tumultuous relationship and Hope assures Larry that Bo will find her/Zack and rescue them. Larry‘s confident that he‘s set up another prime suspect with some incriminating evidence; he reminds Hope that she ruined his life and destroyed all his dreams of becoming President -- threatening that it‘s payback time...Lexie/Brandon pull into the mansion driveway after searching for clues about Hope/Zack all night. She takes him down to the secret room and they get into an argument because Brandon suspects that Tony is involved in Hope‘s disappearance. Lexie suddenly feels dizzy and Brandon talks her into going to the hospital; when they get in the car, she‘s shocked to find Hope‘s wallet under the seat. Just then, Bo/Abe arrive an