Ep. #9416

Season 37, Episode 242 -  Air Date: 10/21/2002
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Belle goes to sit with an anxious Shawn at the house; Bo calls to tell him of the lead from the flight attendant. Belle is worried about the twins safety if Tony is really behind it. They try to call them but no answer. They think to call Marlena just as they hear a loud noise and find Cassie and Rex have crashed Tony‘s car into a tree, after Cassie stole Tony‘s car keys; having heard that Shawn is having problems. The two enter the Brady house, as if nothing happened…the agents in attendance are leery about this. Shawn tells them it‘s OK. The FBI agents and cops keeping watch at the house want to take them in for questioning, but Shawn has them call Roman over. Roman gets the agents to back off, and although he is pleased to make the acquaintance of the Gemini twins, he is furious when Rex reveals that John is at the DiMera Mansion with Tony right now. Roman gets the FBI agents watching the house to back off. After Roman leaves, Belle suggests that they do what the Brady‘s always