Ep. #9413

Season 37, Episode 239 -  Air Date: 10/16/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Shawn wakes up surprised to see Bo in his room; he‘s anguished when he learns that his mom and brother are missing. Bo admits he suspects kidnapping, and Shawn immediately assumes it was Lexie. Bo tells Shawn he‘s going to Iowa to investigate, wants Shawn to stay at the house in case any ransom calls come in. Meanwhile, Lexie confronts Abe about being tailed, but she becomes distressed when she learns that Zack is missing and that Abe suspects her. Bo warns Lexie that if he doesn‘t find Hope in Cedar Rapids, he‘s coming after her...Nancy/Craig take Chloe to the hospital for her latest test results. While waiting, she admits to Nancy that she can‘t tell Brady she loves him because she doesn‘t want to hurt him if she dies like his mother did. Nancy feels for Chloe, but has to excuse herself when she gets a bout of morning sickness. Chloe talks to another cancer survivor who‘s preparing for her future. Chloe, Nancy and Craig finally get the news that Chloe is still