Ep. #9412

Season 37, Episode 238 -  Air Date: 10/15/2002
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John still fears that the twins may linked to Stefano. Agent Spector assures John that the DiMera mansion will be under constant surveillance. Agent Spector tells John that Belle and Shawn went to visit the twins and this angers John. He then tells John he is glad Marlena is still working with the twins, but John in leery about that and tells him he doesn‘t want them near Marlena or Belle. Spector then suggests to John that they use Belle and Shawn‘s closeness to the twins to their advantage…Shawn is angry with Belle for offering Rex his room before even discussing it with him first, but Belle eventually convinces Shawn that they should try to work it so Cassie and Rex can be their roommates. Shawn tells Belle he has to leave to take care of something and when he returns Belle discovers that Shawn has asked Caprice to help them, and she agrees. Shawn gives Belle an ankle bracelet with a heart on it to symbolize their love. She thinks it‘s a good idea to wear now, under her clothe