Ep. #9411

Season 37, Episode 237 -  Air Date: 10/14/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**It‘s clear that Victor/Nicole‘s wedding will have to be postponed as Gene Briscoe confirms that Lucas and Nicole‘s divorce papers were signed but never processed. Victor is certain Kate did this deliberately and both he and Brandon think Sami is involved in some way, too. Fay, Philip and Brady leave once they realize the wedding is off and Kate/Sami are left to deal with Victor/Nicole/Brandon. Sami feels the walls closing in and abruptly decides to take Will to Colorado to visit Eric and her grandparents, leaving Kate to take the fall and deal with Victor. Kate comes up with an idea that will stop the wedding and she‘s delighted because Sami will absolutely hate it...Jennifer/Colin arrive for their dinner date at Tuscany; they hear about the foiled wedding and Colin mistakenly assumes that Sami stopped the wedding with pictures of him kissing Nicole. He slips and is forced to confess everything to Jennifer, but he lays the blame of the photos on Sami, convincing