Ep. #9410

Season 37, Episode 236 -  Air Date: 10/11/2002
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Bo is on the phone with Hope and tells her to hurry home; he misses her. She says she‘s on her way…Phillip has arrived at Tuscany for the dinner party Victor is throwing to celebrate his engagement to Nicole. Brady is already there and Phillip is less than pleased to see him, however, he attempts to apologize to Brady for what happened in Dry Creek. Phillip also admits to Brady that he knows about the closeness of him and Chloe. Brady assures Phillip that Chloe is doing great and Phillip believes Brady to be rubbing it in his face.As Victor and Nicole arrive with Faye, Victor once again promises Nicole the best gift of all.Bo rushes to clean up the house for Hope‘s homecoming and Caroline pops in to give him a hand. Bo assures her that Hope is cool with Billie being back in town, especially since Billie is now working with the mayor. He also tells her that he feels Shawn is homesick and the two of them agree to hold a big homecoming party for Hope and Zack this weekend. Bo ha