Ep. #9409

Season 37, Episode 235 -  Air Date: 10/10/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Victor has invited Philip, Brady, Brandon and Fay to Tuscany for a dinner party to celebrate his engagement to Nicole. Philip attempts to apologize to Brady for what happened in Dry Creek, while Sami promises Brandon she‘ll keep a low profile at the bar. Brady‘s not pleased when he learns that Philip is crashing with Belle because he‘s been kicked out of Victor‘s house. Kate calls Sami and she shoos Brandon away; Kate reiterates that they must find something on Nicole soon. Meanwhile, Brandon and Fay continue to ask Nicole if she is sure she wants to marry Victor. Everyone is a bit taken aback when Victor surprises Nicole with the announcement that he plans to have Mayor Shepherd marry them right now. Sami nearly chokes on her drink and frantically calls Kate with this turn of events. Kate orders Sami to stall and she finally comes up with something she thinks can prevent the wedding. In her desperation to delay until Kate arrives, Sami trips a waiter; Maggie catc