Ep. #9406

Season 37, Episode 232 -  Air Date: 10/7/2002
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Rex and Cassie are worried about what might happen to them…Tony shows the guardianship papers to John and Marlena and tells Agent Spector to hand over the Twins. Marlena protests telling Tony he has no right and takes the twins back to their room and tells them to hang tight for just a little while longer. Agent Spector tells John and Marlena that if they don‘t give the twins to Tony that they would be breaking the law and he leaves to make some phone calls. John accuses Tony of finishing his father‘s dirty work. Tony denies any previous knowledge of the twins and shows John the article in The Spectator, just as the twins come out and introduce themselves to Tony; and they‘re ready to go home with him... John and Agent Spector prevented Tony from taking custody of the Twins until a formal hearing can be arranged...Chloe has begun to sing again – her emotions really seem to be into it. She has a smile on her face. And when Craig confronts her about her happiness being because of Bra