Ep. #9405

Season 37, Episode 231 -  Air Date: 10/4/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**John and Marlena continue to disagree about what to do with the Twins -- Marlena wants to take them home, but John fears they could be programmed pawns on Stefano‘s that could be triggered at any time. Marlena thinks this is an even better reason to keep them close, but John is firm as it looks like they can‘t compromise...Tony catches Jack snooping through his computer and kicks him out of the mansion. He later reveals to Colin that he planted the computer so that he could catch Jack red-handed. Tony tells Colin that he has a plan in motion that involves the story in The Spectator and the Twins. Jack goes to the police station, where Alice and Bo are talking about Hope, as well as the story on the ""aliens."" After Alice leaves, Bo reads Jack the riot act for running the story on the Twins. Jack has bigger problems and tells Bo that he‘s been kicked out of the DiMera Mansion and is sure that Tony/Colin have all sorts of nefarious plans. Hope calls Bo and tells him