Ep. #9404

Season 37, Episode 230 -  Air Date: 10/3/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Nicole spies on Sami in a close moment with Brandon; she gets her alone and blames Sami for her infertility problems, claiming Sami lured her to the morgue and attacked her. Sami negates, but Nicole threatens to expose her to Victor unless Sami hands over the tape and photos with Colin. Sami runs out with a 30-minute deadline and slams into Brandon and then Lucas. She has to physically attack Lucas to get out; Brandon thinks Lucas gets off on provoking Sami and that he‘s hooked on her, which hits a nerve with him. Meanwhile, Kate corners Victor and Nicole and demands some accounts back that Nicole has stolen. Sami returns to the hospital and Nicole gets Victor out of her room; she turns over the tape/photos and insists that Nicole leave her alone. Nicole promises, but reveals that she crossed her fingers after Sami leaves. When Victor returns, she ""breaks down,"" saying she can‘t handle Kate and Sami. Kate and Sami both overhear as Victor promises to destroy Kate/S