Ep. #9403

Season 37, Episode 229 -  Air Date: 10/2/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Abe visits Fay and she confides her fears that Victor may have an issue with Nicole‘s fertility problems. Brandon tries to get through to Nicole, who is very callous about her diagnosis. She makes Brandon think that Sami was the cause of her condition. He counters that Nicole won‘t be any happier once she marries Victor and storms off to the nurses‘ station, where Lexie grabs him. He promises to keep the secret that they made love as he stares daggers at Abe; they go inside and Abe admonishes Lexie for delaying the divorce proceedings. Lexie asks Abe to reconsider the divorce, but he‘s unbending and asks Fay out to dinner. Nicole goes to the hospital nursery and runs into Celeste, who suggests she think long and hard before marrying Victor. Later, Nicole lashes out at Fay and Brandon stops her. She tells Brandon that Abe is getting closer to their mother, but he vows it‘ll never happen...Nancy/Craig come home from the hospital and she wants to start setting up fo