Ep. #9402

Season 37, Episode 228 -  Air Date: 10/1/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Nicole is ready to be discharged and can‘t refuse when Victor wants to move her into the mansion. This doesn‘t sit well with Kate or Philip, especially since Philip just got kicked out. Colin delivers news that Nicole must remain in the hospital for additional testing because the accident may have caused permanent fertility problems. Although she never wanted kids anyway, she works up emotion for Victor‘s sake. He stands by her and promises that he still wants to marry her. Meanwhile, Kate sneaks a peek at Nicole‘s file and goes to taunt her about her condition, but Nicole wins the war of words. Kate finds herself being comforted by Jack, who mentions that Colin may still be an obstacle to Victor/Nicole‘s wedded bliss. Kate pulls it together and tells Sami that she intends to win...As Jack eavesdrops, Bo confronts Colin about the breach of hospital security. Colin suggests Bo check with his niece, Sami. Belle/Shawn go to check on the twins, but are sent to see Bo