Ep. #9400

Season 37, Episode 226 -  Air Date: 9/27/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Brady surprises Chloe for her 18th birthday by decorating the tent. Chloe‘s sad that they have to return to Salem without any more information than when they arrived in Dry Creek, but Brady‘s hopeful that they will find Dr. Thompson and that one way or another she‘ll find a bone marrow donor. He gives her a special gift: season tickets to the New York Metropolitan Opera, promising she will be healthy enough to use them next year. The chemistry between them intensifies as they look at each other and finally are drawn into their first real kiss...Craig and Nancy are still elated that she‘s pregnant and they go to their first prenatal appointment; they discuss the idea of having an amniocentesis, which could give them an early indication of whether or not the baby will be a donor match for Chloe. They emphasize to each other that the baby will be loved regardless of whether he or she is a match for Chloe or not. Later, Craig is furious when he catches a reporter fro