Ep. #9398

Season 37, Episode 224 -  Air Date: 9/25/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Kate confronts Victor about stealing another account from under her; he advises Kate to give up because she will continue to lose until she is nothing. Victor goes to tell Nicole the good news, but can‘t find her. She‘s down in the hospital morgue, where she‘s lured Sami under false pretense. She threatens Sami and plans to extract her revenge for all the things Sami has done to her. They wrestle over a bottle of formaldehyde and the ad from The Intruder falls out of Sami‘s purse. Sami grabs her things from Nicole and runs off, but she gets lost outside of the area where the twins are being kept. She overhears John talking to Spector in the corridor about the Gemini twins from outer space and decides to submit the alien story to The Intruder. Meanwhile, Nicole runs into Victor and he‘s curious what she‘s doing in the morgue. She indignantly covers and tells Victor to get off her back. However, she‘s pleased when Victor tells her he snagged the account she had been