Ep. #9397

Season 37, Episode 223 -  Air Date: 9/24/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Sami wants to plan a romantic getaway with Brandon, but realizes she can‘t afford the place she has in mind; a headline soliciting stories for cash in The Intruder makes her think she can find a story for them. Lucas shows up, demanding that Sami sign the custody papers for Will. Brandon intervenes, but Sami signs the papers out of fear that Lucas will reveal the tape from Vegas. Brandon gets a call from Lexie and leaves; before Lucas takes off, he tells Sami that her dad is putting the moves on Kate. Sami goes to confront Roman, who‘s trying to win Kate over, and overhears him referencing Kate‘s past with Stefano. She confronts Kate, but Roman forces Sami to leave. Sami returns to her apartment with an idea to expose Kate‘s past with Stefano to finance her getaway with Brandon. In the meantime, Roman asks Kate out on a real date and she agrees. After he leaves, Kate scoffs at Roman‘s spiel about genuinely caring for her and is furious when she learns she lost a b