Ep. #9396

Season 37, Episode 222 -  Air Date: 9/23/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Nancy is rushed to the hospital after she collapses when Philip announces that he‘s returned without Chloe. He covers that she‘s not in New York, but does reveal to everyone that Brady is with her. Nancy‘s worry escalates when Craig can‘t contact Chloe or Brady by phone. Nancy‘s lab results are returned and Craig tells her that she‘s pregnant! Meanwhile, Victor is upset that Philip deferred enrollment at Columbia. Belle thinks Philip is withholding information about Chloe, which causes him to rage against her as she presses the issue. Colin overhears Belle tell Shawn that Marlena is unreachable while she‘s down there...Brady and Chloe draw closer as they enjoy a night by the campfire. Brady tells Chloe about the star that John gave Isabella; he promises her that they‘ll find a bone marrow donor. At the end of the night, she falls asleep in Brady‘s arms...Brandon meets up with Sami to find out the whole truth of what happened with Nicole and the blackmail. She he