Ep. #9394

Season 37, Episode 220 -  Air Date: 9/19/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Jennifer pulls away from the kiss she initiated with Colin and gently probes about his true self. He reveals that he covered for her father while in Africa, because Bill had organized underground medical runs to rebels in Africa; Jennifer feels guilty for hating her father because she had believed he was having an affair at the time. She calls her dad and apologizes; she later has second thoughts about Colin and wonders if she‘s had him pegged wrong too. Meanwhile, Jack tries to talk Bo into saving Jennifer from Colin. Bo is confident Jennifer can take care of herself, but he tells Jack that he and Jennifer have discussed Jack and she‘s afraid to get involved with Jack because he might hurt her again. Jack tells Bo that he‘s moving into the mansion and Bo warns him that he may be walking into a trap...Tony orders Bart to track down Marlena, but he reveals she‘s MIA. When Tony goes into another fugue state, Bart calls Colin over; while in the state, Tony has a mem