Ep. #9392

Season 37, Episode 218 -  Air Date: 9/17/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lucas tracks Sami down and tries to get her to sign joint custody papers, threatening to use Will‘s recorder to play the tape with all her lies. Sami grabs the recorder and takes off while Lucas isn‘t looking. Meanwhile, Victor and Brandon argue about what‘s going on between Nicole/Sami. Victor leaves as Lucas walks up and ribs Brandon about Sami. Nicole has a nightmare about Sami and takes it out on a nurse, who pages Colin. Sami spots Colin as he‘s about to enter Nicole‘s room and sneaks in before him. She hides and records Colin and Nicole‘s conversation, including his confession that they‘d slept together! Nicole threatens to slap Colin, but Victor walks in and is unsettled; he takes Colin outside and tells him he‘s off Nicole‘s case. Back in the room, Sami comes out of hiding and reveals that she taped everything. Nicole snatches the recorder from Sami, throwing it out the window. Unfortunately, Sami pulled the tape beforehand. Nicole slugs Sami just as Victo