Ep. #9390

Season 37, Episode 216 -  Air Date: 9/13/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Tony tightens his leash on Sami and presses her to steal the key back from John. She hates to betray her family, but goes to search the penthouse for the key. John confronts Tony, but doesn‘t learn anything new. Instead, Tony asks what John and Marlena have been up to lately, but John can‘t divulge about the twins. Colin watches as John covertly tells something to Spector; he reports this to Tony, who is furious that Colin doesn‘t have anything more. John heads home and catches Sami pillaging the penthouse, but she covers; he gets rid of her quickly because Spector is on his way over to talk about the twins...Belle and Mimi joke about the superstition that today is Friday the 13th and Caprice comes in; they try to get her to talk about her past a bit, but Caprice won‘t reveal anything. As Mimi switches back the contents of her purse with Belle‘s from the other day, the key falls behind the radiator, but no one sees this. They head over to Salem Place, where they