Ep. #9389

Season 37, Episode 215 -  Air Date: 9/12/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Jack and Jennifer finish their story on the ""Celebration of Heroes"" as Abe/Roman/Bo/Billie linger with the commissioner and the mayor. Shawn and Belle arrive late and Shawn is upset to hear that Bo/Billie have been assigned as partners. Belle/Shawn move off to have a private picnic, while Roman and Abe head back to the station and Jack asks Billie out to celebrate her commendation. Later, the mayor asks Billie to become a member of his private security detail; she politely turns him down because she‘s happy where she is right now. Bo is upset and returns to the station, telling Roman and Abe that he wants Billie transferred out now. Belle and Shawn enjoy time with each other, as they talk about Marlena caring for the twins and their transition into college. Meanwhile, Billie crosses through Salem Place and runs into the mystery knuckle-cracking man and wants to know what he‘s doing here...After Chloe and Philip finish packing, she wants to leave a note for Brady