Ep. #9388

Season 37, Episode 214 -  Air Date: 9/10/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Billie is enthused to be partnered full time with Bo. He tries to fight it, but Abe‘s hands are tied because the order came from the commissioner. Billie makes another mysterious call and says she has good news about Bo...Jennifer and Jack work to uncover the secrets surrounding Tony, who is trying to unearth the mystery about John and the key. Tony‘s irked when he learns that a portion of the hospital is closed off, even to Colin. When Colin questions Craig about it, he gets an unsatisfactory answer; Craig won‘t even tell Nancy what‘s going on. Sami reports to Tony that John/Marlena are gone all the time and he warns her that she‘d better produce the key if she wants his help with Brandon. Lucas forces Sami to tell Mickey that they‘ve decided upon joint custody of Will and to draw up the papers. Colin gets a page from the hospital and he rushes to tell Brandon and Victor that Nicole is coming out of her coma.The ""Celebration of Heroes"" kicks off in the park as