Ep. #9387

Season 37, Episode 213 -  Air Date: 9/9/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**John/Marlena/Spector discuss the ramifications of the twins being Stefano‘s genetically engineered human weapons. Marlena leaves to move Belle into her dorm and John goes in to see Cassie/Rex. He discovers that the blue key unlocks their bracelets; underneath each bracelet is a tattoo of a wing and when John puts them together, they form a Phoenix. Marlena returns and is shaken when John tells her that Stefano has come back through the twins...Belle/Shawn argue over her preoccupation with the twins and he storms out. Belle‘s greatly relieved when Marlena comes home and says she is taking charge of the twins‘ care. Meanwhile, Shawn/Bo arrive at Hartley House, the dorm Shawn and Belle will be living in. Hope calls Shawn on his cell and wishes him luck starting college. Belle/Marlena move Belle‘s stuff in and she apologizes to Shawn for fighting with him. As they get acclimated to Salem U., Belle learns that Caprice will be her R.A. Mimi‘s displeased to learn that C