Ep. #9386

Season 37, Episode 212 -  Air Date: 9/6/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Sami spots Lucas spying on her and Brandon on the rooftop. Brandon leaves and Lucas/Sami go for each other‘s jugular. She doesn‘t reveal Victor‘s threats for her to stay away from Brandon, but Lucas finds out later, when he talks to Victor. He plans to use this leverage he‘s gained to get Sami to sign joint custody papers with Will. Meanwhile, Nicole clutches Victor‘s hand while he talks to her and he tells Colin and Brandon. As Colin examines Nicole, she grabs at his pants, but he says it must be reflexive. Later, Tony corners Sami, who‘s feeling pressure from Victor, Lucas and the possibility of Nicole reviving and she finally agrees to help Tony get the key back from John, in exchange for the neutralizing dirt Tony has on Nicole...Marlena meets John and Spector at the hospital; Spector reveals Cassie/Rex aren‘t cooperating and asks for Marlena‘s advice. She demands to sees the twins, and while Spector is hesitant at first, he ultimately takes John and Marlena