Ep. #9385

Season 37, Episode 211 -  Air Date: 9/5/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Belle yells at John for turning in the twins and she runs out to be with Shawn. Marlena feels for Belle and she and John also get into it over Cassie and Rex. Belle can‘t stop worrying about her friends, but Shawn and Mimi manage to distract her for a bit when he tells Belle that they‘ve both gotten into the same co-ed dorm at Salem U. Later, Belle almost sees the blue key (that Rex slipped into her purse) when she and Mimi swap purses, as well as the contents of them. Meanwhile, Spector visits John and Marlena, telling them that Rex doesn‘t have the key on him. Marlena reveals that he had the key in Bo/Hope‘s garage, but Spector leaves and returns empty-handed...Jennifer questions Colin about Tony, but he suspects that she‘s up to something; she covers by coming onto him and they almost kiss. Colin is paged before they do and he goes to meet Tony privately. Tony appeals to Colin for help by using his friendship with Marlena to find out what John knows about the