Ep. #9384

Season 37, Episode 210 -  Air Date: 9/4/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Bo, Jack and Jennifer meet and find that they have all hit dead ends in their efforts to bring down the DiMeras. Jack wants Jennifer to ditch her plan of dating Colin; she agrees to give up, but she breaks her promise and calls Colin when she sees Jack/Billie together. Jennifer has a difficult time with the news about Jack and Billie dating, but tries to be accepting; however, she lets loose when Billie interrupts their meeting. Bo also lashes out at Billie, but she fights back by reminding him that the feelings they shared in the past were mutual. Later, Colin receives an engraved silver bullet, bequeathed to him from Stefano and he immediately knows what to do with it - little does he know, Bo is nearby. Meanwhile, Roman goes to dig for information on the DiMeras from Kate. He sees her with a check in hand from Mr. Grant and pockets a note from Stefano that thanks her for her continued discretion...Sami goes to the hospital in search of Colin, but runs into Luc