Ep. #9383

Season 37, Episode 209 -  Air Date: 9/3/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**As the spaceship takes off, Shawn reacts as he sees a U.S. flag attached to it; Agent Spector appears and thanks Belle/Shawn for leading them to the twins. Meanwhile, Marlena fears for the twins‘ safety and argues with John that they aren‘t dangerous. John gets a call from Spector, and he and Marlena head up to the hilltop. Marlena apologizes as she tries to calm Belle and Shawn down. Belle insists Spector tell them what he‘s done with the twins, but he keeps mum. Belle becomes outraged when she realizes John thinks the twins are a threat and that he was involved in their capture. He tells Spector that the twins had a key identical to the one he stole from Tony, causing them to believe that they‘ve found the other key. While Marlena worries about the fate of the twins, Cassie and Rex lie strapped down in a very sterile looking area...Lexie moves back into the DiMera Mansion, much to Celeste‘s chagrin. As they settle, Tony orders Bart to find out what John and Mar