Ep. #9380

Season 37, Episode 206 -  Air Date: 8/29/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Brady and Chloe blame Philip when they learn that Dr. Thompson ran away, fearing he overheard that they knew he was Sykes; Brady leaves Chloe in the motel and goes to search for him. Meanwhile, the sheriff thinks Philip was trying to steal drugs and starts to arrest him, but he bribes the sheriff to find and arrest Brady instead. Brady is shocked when the sheriff shows up in the motel lobby and hauls him into court, where Judge Broe throws him into jail. Later, Chloe talks to Nancy and claims she‘s in New York with Philip. Nancy is worried, but agrees to continue to try and get pregnant with Craig. Philip finds Chloe and she explains what she/Brady were doing in Dry Creek. He feels guilty, but wants to be the hero and find Dr. Thompson. Chloe prays Brady‘s already done that, but Philip knows that‘s not possible...Nicole‘s heart monitor goes berserk when she sees Sami‘s hand on the plug to her life support and she fears Sami is trying to kill her. Colin, Brandon,