Ep. #9378

Season 37, Episode 204 -  Air Date: 8/27/2002
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**from SoapCity.comAbe/Roman are investigating the shooting and Abe comforts Fay when she learns that Nicole was shot. Brandon sees them together and Abe later tells her that Brandon knows they had an affair. Lexie sees Abe with Fay and tries to repair the damage she‘s done...Victor, Brandon and Fay keep vigil near Nicole‘s room, while Sami prays that Nicole doesn‘t pull through surgery. Nicole survives, but is in a coma and on life support; Victor visits her and finds the engagement ring, placing it on her finger. He overhears Sami wish that Nicole won‘t wake up and vows that she will be sorry if she had anything to do with Nicole being hit in the crossfire. Later, Sami visits a comatose Nicole and considers pulling the plug...Shawn confronts Bo/Billie about the kiss he witnessed at the Salem Inn. They explain they were working undercover and Billie privately reassures Shawn that Bo was only comforting her because she shot and killed her first criminal. Meanwhile, Jennifer runs int