Ep. #9377

Season 37, Episode 203 -  Air Date: 8/26/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Shawn returns home just in time to save Belle and avert any destruction with the power saw. He‘s unable to discern if the power saw incident was accidental or not. When he hears that Belle is going to stay in Salem and attend Salem University, he decides to stay nearby as well. Shawn learns Bo is at the hospital and goes there to talk to him about Rex, Cassie and Billie. After he leaves, Belle calls her mom and asks Marlena to meet her at Shawn‘s house. When Belle tries to explain to Rex what is about to happen, he is upset, leaving Belle feeling guilty...In the attempted hit on Victor, Nicole is shot and Billie kills the hit man in self-defense. Before she loses consciousness, Nicole murmurs Sami‘s name to Victor, making him suspicious. Sami tries to comfort Brandon, but she realizes Brandon will never forgive her if she‘s responsible for his sister‘s death; if Nicole wakes up and blabs Sami‘s secrets, she‘s equally as doomed. Nicole goes into surgery and Victor