Ep. #9374

Season 37, Episode 200 -  Air Date: 8/21/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Abe confronts Lexie about the scarf he found at Brandon‘s as he catches her lying yet again. Lexie doesn‘t tell Abe that she slept with Brandon; she continues to lie and Abe tells her to leave -- he‘s filing for divorce. After Lexie leaves, Abe goes to the station and confides in Roman/Bo about what happened. As they offer their support, Abe calls Mickey and order the divorce papers to be drawn up. Meanwhile, Lexie runs into Brandon and begs him not to tell anyone that they had sex. Brandon promises, but it appears he‘s got some sort of ulterior agenda...Billie and Bo are assigned via Roman to work together on an undercover case. There‘s a hit on Victor for revealing Stefano‘s secret airstrip and Bo/Billie must pose as lovers to prevent it from happening. Bo is against the idea because if anyone sees them posing as a couple, they may get the wrong idea and he won‘t be able to reveal what‘s going on. However, Bo feels he owes it to Victor since his life is in dang