Ep. #9373

Season 37, Episode 199 -  Air Date: 8/20/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Sami is thinking of a way to get Brandon when he suddenly shows up at her door. He demands to know why she dumped him, but she refuses to tell him because of Victor‘s threats. As the fight escalates, Billie arrives because someone reported the disturbance. Sami tells Billie to mind her own business and cries that she wants Billie, Brandon and Nicole to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Victor that she has a surprise for him tonight and she plans to accept his proposal. Victor is thrilled and goes to the Salem Inn to book the bridal suite for tonight. He runs into Roman, who warns him that Nicole is poison. Back in her apartment, Nicole has a nightmare of being handcuffed to Victor. She wakes and is surprised when Colin comes over. He wants to vent and eventually goads Nicole into having sex. Still steaming, Sami goes to confront Nicole and arrives just as Colin is leaving Nicole‘s place; she follows him and catches him in a lie as he tries to cover. Victor