Ep. #9372

Season 37, Episode 198 -  Air Date: 8/19/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Afraid that Lexie may have gone to Brandon for comfort, Abe searches all over town for her. He ends up at Brandon‘s loft, where Brandon and Lexie are making love. As they cuddle in the afterglow, Abe pounds on the door. Brandon gets dressed to answer the door and Lexie makes him promise that he won‘t tell Abe that she‘s there. He assures her he will, but after he lets Abe in, he places Lexie‘s scarf in plain view. Abe sees it and takes it, just as Brandon intended. Brandon returns to Lexie, who tells him to forget that this night ever happened, and runs out. As she leaves, Brandon tells himself that it did happen and he will have revenge on Abe...Tony goes into one of his trances and unconsciously says that Marlena will unlock his dreams. Colin hears this and tells Tony that he will use his professional relationship with Marlena to solve the mystery. Later, Colin goes to Dot Com and sees Jack, Jennifer and Abby in a close family moment. Jennifer spots Colin and t