Ep. #9371

Season 37, Episode 197 -  Air Date: 8/16/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Nicole accuses Sami of pursuing Brandon, despite Victor‘s warnings. Sami defends that Brandon came after her, but Nicole threatens her to cut all ties with Brandon or else Victor will destroy her. Brandon calls Sami to ask what‘s keeping her and she hangs up on him abruptly. She tries to throw Nicole out, but opens the door to Victor, whom Nicole called while Sami was on the phone. He forces her to call Brandon and break their date, as well as any future engagements. Meanwhile, Brandon‘s surprised when Lexie shows up. He‘s furious when Sami calls, thinking she‘s played him once again and turns to Lexie. At the police station, Celeste convinces Abe to talk to Lexie and give her one more chance. Abe tries to call her on her cell phone, but she doesn‘t answer; she stays focused on Brandon and they end up in a torrid rebound kiss...Philip is brimming with anger when Chloe tells him she‘s having dinner with Brady because she wants to preserve their friendship; when sh