Ep. #9370

Season 37, Episode 196 -  Air Date: 8/15/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**As Shawn/Belle check in after spending the night at the Horton Cabin, Belle nearly misses John holding the key and he almost unfolds the picture that Cassie drew of the similar looking key. Marlena/John are intrigued at the mention of the kids‘ new friends Cassie/Rex, but don‘t pay much attention to it. After they leave, Marlena shares her concerns with John about Sami spending time with Tony and about Tony saying her name in his fugue state. John thinks it‘s a great idea that Marlena‘s agreed to be Tony‘s therapist, but she refuses to compromise doctor/patient confidentiality by wearing a wire. They‘re interrupted by Brady, who is there at Isabella‘s urging, to apologize for the way he treated Marlena when he first came back to Salem. He invites them to the loft for dinner and then leaves them to argue more about Tony...Shawn and Belle run into Mimi at Salem Place and they‘re all thrilled to learn that Chloe has been released from the hospital because she‘s in r