Ep. #9369

Season 37, Episode 195 -  Air Date: 8/14/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Hope calls Bo and is upset that she couldn‘t reach him last night, but understands that he was on assignment; she tells him that Lexie bribed Barb to keep the secret of the baby switch. Bo consults with Roman and then calls Abe, who has just made love to Lexie and is bringing her breakfast in bed. Abe is distraught and horrified to learn that Lexie is still keeping secrets when Bo breaks it to him that she knew about the baby switch. Abe blows up at Lexie and kicks her out, telling her he‘s filing for divorce...Later, Roman tells Bo about his kiss with Kate and admits he‘s trying to get inside her comfort zone to learn her connection to Stefano. Meanwhile, Billie is aghast at the thought of her mother being romantically linked to Roman, given her own past history with him. Kate assures Billie it‘s not like that, but she keeps the kiss a secret. Roman talks to Kate and tells her they‘ll speak more later, while Bo doesn‘t tell Hope that he worked undercover with Bi